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Pinterest marketing education is essential for using Pinterest to reach your business goals. Whether you’re trying to drive traffic to your website, blog or business, increase email signups or sell products, you must stay up to date with Pinterest’s constant changes and best practices.

We’ll guide you to exactly what you need to maximize effectiveness for using Pinterest to achieve your business goals.


Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest Predicts research is based on in-depth search data and extensive analysis of user behavior and engagement. See what they’re saying about 2023.

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About Pinning Pro

Pinning Pro started out as a Pinterest Management business. We quickly discovered that keeping up with Pinterest’s frequent changes is a full time job in itself. Although Pinterest continues to be a fantastic platform for generating traffic, most small business owners do not have time to keep up.

So we set about to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need for your business and get right to it. Whatever your role is in marketing on the platform, discover Pinterest marketing education for…

  • Bloggers Doing Pinterest Marketing
  • Small Business Pinterest Account Managers
  • Pinterest Virtual Assistants
  • Pinterest Marketers
  • Pinterest Advertising Managers
  • Pinterest Marketing Managers
  • Pin Graphic Designers

Think of Pinning Pro as your one-stop location for Pinterest marketing education. Whether you are looking for courses, tools, keyword research software, analytics how-tos, trends, learning communities, podcasts, pin design help, scheduling tools, ads management, affiliate marketing, niche guidance, PVA programs, apps, recent platform changes or anything else related to Pinterest, we’ve got you covered.


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