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Pinterest is the absolute best platform for driving organic traffic next to Google. Why? Because it’s a (visual) search engine. Not social media!

Hi! We are Erin and Christina, a mother-daughter team of Pinterest marketing experts! We help you – bloggers and small business owners – harness the power of Pinterest in order to drive targeted traffic to your blog or website.  


increase traffic

You spend a lot of time planning and creating content and you want people to see it. Pinterest sends organic, targeted traffic your way…for free.

Make More Sales

Pinterest users are proactively searching for things to buy. Most pinners use the platform to plan for, research, or make purchases.

Save time

You know your business needs to be on Pinterest but there’s so much to research and learn. Pinning Pro helps save you time by reviewing and sharing only the most up-to-date tips, advice, education, and resources.

Why Should You Be On Pinterest?

At long last, Pinterest has finally gotten the attention it deserves for being a powerful visual search engine that helps businesses get more traffic, leads, and sales. Maybe that’s why you’re here.

If you’re looking to DIY your Pinterest marketing you’ve come to the right place. We’ll guide you to exactly what you need for your business.

DIY Pinterest Resources

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Promoted Pins (Advertising)

Pinterest Manager and Virtual Assistant Programs

Pinterest and Google Analytics

Pinterest Scheduling Tools

Pin Design

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing


Create Pinterest Pins

Create Pinterest Pins

You can learn how to create Pinterest pins easily and quickly. This course teaches techniques on design, colors and creating pins in bulk.

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