Yes, you can use Pinterest for business! The platform is made for more than storing Thanksgiving stuffing recipes or ideas to spruce up your deck.

But even when you’re using it for profession purposes, it’s still fun!

Let me tell you a quick story…

Ever had a job or career that you enjoyed so much it hardly felt like work?

I have. Twice.

The first was as manager of a golf club. I mean where else can you work where everyone who is a customer is there to “play”? 

Fast forward a decade and I’m now a Pinterest manager working with bloggers and small business owners / entrepreneurs, the majority of whom absolutely love their niche. And all of whom want to know how to use Pinterest for business.

Pinterest + business = fun!

So what’s up with all this buzz about Pinterest? For starters…

Pinterest is one of the most positive places to spend time on the internet. Enter a keyword or two into its search function (much like you would on Google) and up pops beautiful images, some with text to tell you what the image is about and all (mostly) leading to content you actually want to read.

Pinterest is a place to go to search, scroll, dream, plan, be inspired and learn.

Pinterest currently has over 300M monthly visitors – who are either searching for something cool – or – serving up something cool to those searching for it. Maybe that’s you. 

How you use the platform is entirely up to you. Prefer to just enjoy it? Great!

But what if you want to know how to use Pinterest for business, drive traffic to your blog and grow your email list? Read on to learn the best places to find what you are looking for.

I’ll share how my team and I got involved in Pinterest marketing and why we believe every business needs to be using this platform to grow. Yes, every business. 

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links where we earn a commission if you sign up through them. However this in no way affects our recommendation. We actually all use the products, services, and courses we recommend.

Where to Learn How To Use Pinterest For Business


On Pinterest! – do some searches on the platform and you’ll find a ton of pins (leading to content) that talks about using Pinterest for business. When you click on a pin and go over to a blog post or web page, be sure to check the date of the post. If it wasn’t written this year, the info might not be accurate anymore. Pinterest changes all. the. time.  It’s challenging to keep up with – but we personally find that part fun and stimulating. 🙂

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Pinterest Courses – there’s no shortage of Pinterest courses and apps out there anymore. When we first started learning about Pinterest, we were fortunate to have found the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course which set us on a journey that led to creating a business we love. Whether good or not, we also purchased tons of other Pinterest courses. You might say we went a little overboard as “students” or you might say we had a bit of FOMO. Thankfully we learned a ton but we’ve also found a great alternative to riding the Pinterest course-buying train. More on that in a bit.

Google – search Google just as you would for anything. But again, make sure what you read is current. To do this, use Google’s advanced search function and set the date range to get info shared during the current year.

Pinterest-focused Facebook Groups – there are many private Facebook groups that are about Pinterest. Some are for solopreneurs/entrepreneurs learning how to use Pinterest for business. Others are only for folks who are taking someone’s specific Pinterest course. And still, others are for Pinterest Virtual Assistants and Managers. Do a search on Facebook and check out which group might be ideal for what specifically you are interested in learning.

The Simple Pin Collective – Kate Ahl, founder and SEO of Simple Pin Media as well as a recently launched membership program called The Simple Pin Collective – has risen to the top of highly respected Pinterest experts. Kate teaches Pinterest marketing at 3 levels (beginner, mid-level and advanced), has created Pinterest marketing courses in the past, podcasts weekly about all things Pinterest for business, and manages over 500 big brand Pinterest accounts.


So What’s the Best Way to Learn How to Use Pinterest for Business?

That depends on your interests and goals. But having done all of the above for several years and taken numerous Pinterest business courses, my number one recommendation is The Simple Pin Collective. That said, it is a bit of an investment, especially if your business budget is tight, which is an important consideration.

The primary reason I recommend The Simple Pin Collective over doing searches, reading dozens of blog and FB posts, figuring out current best practices and taking courses is… TIME.

Time saved that is.

But also important are…

The Collective provides quality video teachings by Kate (and her team).

Every lesson, session, training, and live event is based on the most up to date Pinterest best practices and teaching.

The private FB group is very active with people who use Pinterest for many reasons and who are friendly, respectful and helpful. Also, Kate interacts daily.

Kate and her team keep up with the frequent changes on Pinterest so members can focus on their business and adjust to changes rather than chasing down what they mean and what to do about them (if anything).

You can also join (and leave) the Collective at any time.

Because we’ve invested a lot of time in learning all things Pinterest, we love to talk about the resources we use and endorse. Recommending The Simple Pin Collective as our #1 choice does not mean other courses and teachings are not valuable. They are! But they are also challenging for the course developers to keep up to date. So whatever course or resource you choose to take to advance your business and marketing knowledge about Pinterest, do be sure to check on the sales page and find out how often they’re updated. At the very least any Pinterest course should be updated quarterly – with additional updates for major Pinterest changes (like the extensive new analytics interface Pinterest recently rolled out).

Want to learn more about other courses and resources? Check out The Best Pinterest Courses & Tools for Bloggers & Small Business Owners.


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