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Learn To Create Pinterest Pins

That Catch Attention In The Feed

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Are you ready to create Pinterest pins easily and quickly?

We’ve provided Pinterest pin design services for clients for years now and even we found that taking this course helped us learn new creative techniques and methods of building pins more efficiently than ever before.

Having a strong pin design process is important to your Pinterest marketing strategy. Pins that get noticed have balanced design, complementary colors and text that “sells.” You can write the best pin descriptions in the world, but if your pins aren’t eye-catching, you’ll get lost in the sea of Pinterest search results.

Read what one of our client’s had to say about our pin designs:

The pins you have made are absolutely fantastic…They are already getting many, many more re-pins than my own have done and I actually feel ashamed of my own now! I had thought they looked OK, but next to yours they look dull and unimaginative.

One of our favorite lessons from this course? Learning how to create pins in bulk fast! 

This course teaches how to design eye-catching Pinterest pins that generate re-pins, clicks, traffic and income.


Kristin Rappaport – Bogger at Applecart Lane Creative and amazing Graphic Designer who teaches bloggers and online business owners the graphic design skills they need to look professional and stand out online.

Pins Made Pretty shows you how to:

  • determine your ideal Pinterest pin style
  • create a mood board using Canva
  • choose your colors, fonts and decide on imagery
  • create your own set of templates
  • maximize the effectiveness of your newly designed Pinterest pins

The course also includes:

  • step-by-step design process that will make the pin design process easy!
  • before and after pin transformations
  • common pin design mistakes to avoid
  • pin design techniques
  • fail-proof pin layouts
  • 100+ inspiring pins
  • advanced Pinterest pin design techniques

This course is a good fit if…

You are a beginner to intermediate level pin designer. You want to take your pins to the next level and get them converting more for your business (or Pinterest accounts you manage). You enjoy pin design but struggle in some areas of the pin design process.

This course is not a good fit if...

You don’t enjoy designing pins and / or don’t have the patience to learn how you can always hire someone to make them for you! Most Pinterest Virtual Assistants offer this service. 


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We know you’ll find this course helpful. You’ll learn that you don’t need a degree in graphic arts to make pins that get clicked!


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Promoted Pins Course

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What Are Fresh Pins?

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