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2023 Pinterest Predicts Upcoming Trends to Watch

Pinterest Predicts is a comprehensive annual report that Pinterest publishes every December. It forecasts trends expected to develop and grow quickly in the upcoming year. For businesses marketing on Pinterest, this report is like getting an early Christmas present. 

These predictions are based on in-depth search data and extensive analysis of user behavior and engagement. If you’d like to go deep into the process used to develop this trend predictions report, here’s how Pinterest forecast trends (nerd alert!).

You may have heard this often but let’s repeat it again because it really helps connect the dots as to how Pinterest can predict trends with such accuracy.

People use Pinterest to Plan for the Future

Other platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook tend to be about what’s happening right now. But on Pinterest, people are primarily planning ahead. And if people are planning ahead, they’re essentially telling Pinterest what upcoming trends to expect.

So the Pinterest Predicts report is not a “this is what happened this year and what we think this will happen next year” type report. It is a “soon will be trending” report based on what people are actually saying they are going to do, try or buy. 

And for marketers, this information is pure gold.

This annual forecasting report covers dozens of interests and industries. Expect to find some creative and unusual category names like “Entrancing Entrances” because well… it’s Pinterest. Why “entrances?’ In 2020 backyards became a massive trend. In 2023, Pinterest predicts that eclectic front entrances will take the place of the backyards trend.

To get more granular trend information, you can filter predictions in the report by audience, brand values and categories.

Important Tip: As mentioned, this report is full of clever and unusual category names. As a marketer though, you want to use keywords that fall under these creatively named categories. For example, people are not searching for “entrancing entrances” – they are searching for things like “foyer entryway decor ideas” or “front door decor.” Look for the trending searches in each category and weave those keywords into your pins and boards where possible. 


By Audience

Audiences are broken down as follows:

  • Gen Z – born from 1997 to 2012
  • Millennials – born from 1981 to 1996
  • Gen X – born from 1965 to 1980
  • Baby boomers – born from 1946 to 1964
  • All

By Brand Values

Brand values include:

  • Sustainability
  • Self-improvement
  • Creativity
  • Connection
  • Authenticity

By Categories

These categories are the same high level categories Pinterest has used for years (remember the old drop down category menu on boards years ago?). They consist of:

  • Beauty
  • Celebrations
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Home
  • Parenting
  • Pets
  • Travel
  • Wellbeing

If you don’t find a category that makes sense for your niche, you may need to find the closest one and drill down into the different predictions. Or – there may not be predictions related to your particular business focus.

How To Use The Pinterest Predicts Report To Grow Your Business

According to Pinterest, 80% of their predictions in the last 3 years actually happened. And as a marketer, who doesn’t want to get ahead of a trend in their niche or industry? Audiences tend to engage over and over with trends they like. And audiences on Pinterest click through pins to find out more about these trends – or – they save pins about their favorite trends to their boards. You want to be using trending keywords from this report in your pins, titles, descriptions and boards. 

Knowing trends in advance through very accurate predictions allows marketers to prepare content, imagery and products before a trend actually trends up. Use the filters in the Pinterest Trends report to search for predictions relating to your products, services or business. Look deeper into search queries listed with each trend which informs you as to what people could potentially search for in the coming months.  

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links where we earn a commission if you sign up through them. However this in no way affects our recommendation. We actually all use the products, services, and courses we recommend.

Use Pinterest Predicts To Develop New Products and Services

Trends are a huge driver of product fulfillment everywhere. Whenever there is a new trend, niche businesses race to be the first to create new products or change / improve existing ones that fit the trend. For example, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are literally pouring into the online space right now. Everywhere you look online businesses are incorporating AI into new and existing tools (i.e., Tailwind Create and Tailwind Ghostwriter and Co-Pilot).

Another example is the explosion of the athleisure apparel trend, especially in the last few years. Apparel businesses who were watching this trend before it exploded, responded by developing new and different athleisure style clothes. 

What wasn’t expected in the athleisure industry was the development of folks being forced to work from home full time during the recent global health crisis. During this time, pretty much no one was wearing business attire and the athleisure industry experienced rapid growth again. 

The 2021 Pinterest Predicts report was able to predict this increased growth in athleisure wear by watching what people were searching for in 2020.

So it pays to use the Pinterest Predicts report and spend some time thinking about how you can position yourself to be ready with new (or updated) products and services that can serve an upcoming predicted trend when it takes off.

Combine Pinterest Predicts Knowledge with the Pinterest Trends Tool

The Pinterest Trends search tool shows patterns, surging trends, ideas and related trends over time. It does not predict – that’s what the Pinterest Predicts report does. The Trends tool simply shows common trends (i.e., holidays, seasons, sports). Take what you learn from the predictions and plugin keywords related to your niche in the Pinterest Trends tool. Here’s how to use the Pinterest Trends tool.

Organize your niche-specific Pinterest trends, interest targeting categories, keywords, content calendar and analytics all in one place with the Pinterest Trends Pin Planner. The planner includes 12 months of trends, researched keywords to pin for each month, seasons, holidays and popular events.

Wrap Up

People use Pinterest to plan for the future which gives Pinterest the ability to predict upcoming trends. Use the information in the annual Pinterest Predicts report to plan for your business’ future by preparing for trends that relate to your niche or industry. Its invaluable insights are not found on any other social media platform and they are meant to be used well for businesses to grow. 


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