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 Looking for the best Pinterest podcasts? We’re not surprised! 

Did you know that 34% of Americans now listen to podcasts regularly? And it’s estimated that podcast listening will grow to 132 million people in the U.S. in 2022. We’d venture to guess this increase in popularity has a lot to do with the simultaneous rise in smart-speaker use. As well as folks leveraging their time while doing things like driving or exercising.

Couple that with over 454 million active users on Pinterest and it’s easy to see why podcasts about Pinterest are so popular!

A great way to learn about Pinterest is by listening to podcasts. Below are Pinterest marketing and business-focused podcasts where the host interviews Pinterest experts. The team at Pinning Pro listens to each episode before sharing them so we only bring you the very best Pinterest podcasts.

Best Pinterest Podcasts

Understanding Pinterest Traffic in 2022 w/ Lauren McManus

Lauren McManus of Create and Go and author of the popular Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course now has a podcast called Launch Your Blog Biz. On this podcast, Lauren and biz partner, Alex, share their best strategies for starting a blog, building an audience and earning a full-time income online.

As author of a hugely popular Pinterest Traffic course Lauren is well qualified to educate about generating traffic on the platform. To make this podcast even more informative, Lauren invited top Pinterest expert, Kate Ahl, founder of Simple Pin Media. Kate is also at the helm of the Simple Pin Collective, the Simple Pin Ads Society and the Simple Pin Podcast. In this podcast this dynamic duo discusses…

  • Past, present, and future changes on Pinterest
  • How Pinterest is not really a “social media” platform
  • Idea pins
  • Pinterest algorithm changes
  • And much more 

Listen to this very helpful and informative podcast all about Pinterest Traffic.

Staying Up to Date On Pinterest w/ Jason Logsdon

Jason Lodsdon has expertise in modernist cooking and self publishing. He presents at conferences and has written several cookbooks. And he also hosts the Makin Bacon Podcast.

Food bloggers are frequently advised that they need to be using Pinterest to grow their business. But with a constantly changing algorithm, frequent updates and new features, it feels like practically a full time job just staying up to date with it.

In this podcast episode, Jason interviews Pinterest Expert, Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media. They discuss how Pinterest differs from other social platforms, the top mistakes bloggers often make and why Pinterest matters more than ever to your business.

Listen to this podcast episode about keeping up with Pinterest here. Or tune in on any of your favorite podcast platforms.

How to Succeed on Pinterest When You Don’t Sell Physical Products w/ Dana Malstaff

Like many career-focused moms, Dana started Boss Mom because she was weary of feeling guilty about wanting to be a Mom and run a business at the same time. Little did she know then that pursuing her passions as an entrepreneur made her a better Mom! Dana went on to start the Boss Mom Movement which is the #1 Community for Mom Entrepreneurs. 

In this Boss Mom podcast episode, Dana interviews Kate Ahl, founder and owner of Simple Pin Media, who talks about how to use Pinterest when you don’t have a consumer-facing business. She also covers what kind of content you should be publishing and how to build a content library on Pinterest. 

Interested in learning more about the Boss Mom Movement, visit Dana’s website.

How To Use Pinterest As Part of Your Business Marketing Tactics w/ Barry and Shay Kostabi

Dynamic husband and wife duo, Barry and Shay Kostabi, are international fitness coaches and consultants. They aim to educate others in the fitness industry with actionable steps to advance their own fitness businesses. 

In this podcast episode, Barry and Shay interview Kate Ahl, founder of Simple Pin Media to teach fitness experts how to use Pinterest to market their business.

Visit their site Fitness Career Mastery to learn more.

Simple Pin Podcast w/ Kate Ahl

In the Simple Pin Podcast, Kate Ahl, founder and owner of Simple Pin Media, shares how to use Pinterest to grow your business. She discusses the frequent changes Pinterest makes, tips, ideas, and strategies she’s successfully used in her business. Kate also interviews people who are using Pinterest in creative ways to drive traffic to their site or blog, grow their email list and increase income.

Kate is a gifted teacher and speaker. She covers a wide range of Pinterest focused topics geared toward all levels of marketers and bloggers. She’s all about providing useful and actionable strategies. You won’t come away from one of her podcasts without at least one, if not several, takeaways to help you grow your business using Pinterest.

The Simple Pin Podcast started in 2015 and is the longest running podcast that is specifically about Pinterest – with over 270 episodes to date.

Marketing Unleashed Podcast by Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest (and Instagram) scheduler, analytics and marketing app.

The Tailwind Podcast called Marketing Unleashed covers both Pinterest and Instagram because their app serves both platforms. Tailwind’s podcasts (along with their blog and Facebook Live videos), are super informative. They discuss recent changes at Pinterest, how Tailwind is adapting to facilitate, strategies, creative ideas, leveraging time spent managing Pinterest and much more.

The Tailwind podcast is informative, relevant, often fun and very useful. Find it on your favorite podcast platform.

Impact Bound Podcast w/ Kathleen Booth

This podcast covers a wide range of marketing topics. In a recent podcast, Impact Bound host Kathleen Booth, interviewed Alex Nerney co-founder (with Lauren McManus, his business partner) of, a blog that teaches others how to start a blog and make money from it.

We’re big fans of the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course that Alex and Lauren developed after having so much success driving tons of traffic to their blogs using Pinterest. In fact, one of their Pinterest accounts has over 3 million views a month (as of this writing), and another has 4 million views a month. While views may not be the most important metric on Pinterest, Alex states in this podcast that they get 200k organic visitors to their Avocadu blog just from Pinterest!

Try doing any search on Pinterest related to blogging and online business, and you’re sure to see a Create and Go pin. Impressive stuff!

And there you have it: our list of the best Pinterest podcasts and episodes.

If you know of any other recent Pinterest-focused podcasts, we’d love it if you would let us know using the contact form below so we can add it to our list to share with everyone!

Interested in starting your own podcast? Podcast Production School is a great place to start!

Learn more about podcaster Kate Ahl’s, Pinterest Marketing Membership Community


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