Use Tailwind’s Ghostwriter AI to Streamline Pinterest Marketing

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Tailwind’s Ghostwriter AI is a game changer for marketing on Pinterest.

If you manage your own Pinterest account or manage business accounts for others and use the Tailwind app for creating and scheduling pins, you’ll want to take advantage of their AI tool. It really shorrtens the time consuming task of writing pin descriptions.

The AI Tool Explosion

Marketers everywhere are seeing an explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing tools. There are so many new apps, tools and software for auto-generating content topic ideas and even full blog posts. We’re seeing AI headline and meta description creating tools as well as product description generators, hashtag lists creators and even AI generated images and videos.

Naturally there are many concerns about the use of these tools vs. creating unique original content and visuals when it comes to websites and blogs. But content related AI tools can be super helpful when used for inspiration and starting points for your content. They can also be “trained” to some degree. Just remember to not use the AI content “as is.”

While it’s too soon to see where all this Artificial Intelligence will take us, for now, we’re focusing on Tailwinds AI Pin Description Writer aka Ghostwriter. It’s super helpful for generating excellent pin titles and descriptions that can be edited as much or as little as you choose.

Where To Find The Tailwind AI Pin Description Writer

To locate Tailwind’s “Ghostwriter” login to your Tailwind account and go to Drafts. Click on a pin draft and the usual window will open up where you normally add the Pin URL, title, description and the board you want the pin to go to.

Just to the right of Pin Details at the top you’ll see “Ghostwrite for me.” Click that link and a new window will open. Let the tool know what you are writing about by choosing from the drop down menu which currently has these choices…

  • a featured product
  • a promotion or sale
  • behind the scenes
  • lifestyle content
  • informational content

*it’s possible more choices will be added over time

Next, you can add 1-3 keywords or keyphrases that help the AI to create the best pin description.

Add a Call To Action (CTA) which entices click throughs and other types of engagement.

Next, click “Generate Description” and voila! You have a keyworded description that you can tweak as much or as little as you like.

Continue filling in the usual fields before scheduling your pin.

Rinse and repeat. You’ve just reduced the time it takes to do pin scheduling by using the Tailwind AI Pin Description Writer!

If You Don’t Use Tailwind

If you don’t have a Tailwind account but still want to write your Pinterest pin descriptions faster, try Pin Description Prompts. Similar to Tailwind’s AI Pin Description Writing Tool, you’ll be able to write high quality keyword-rich descriptions faster with simple to use prompts that work for any niche. It’s not quite “click the button fast”, but it’s much faster than writing each one from scratch.

Alternatively we’ve seen some Pinterest managers and PVAs use ChatGPT for Pin title and description writing. And there are tons of other AI writing tools (free and paid) you can take advantage of as well.

Tailwind Keeps Adding More and More Marketing Functionality

We started using Tailwind several years ago when it was mostly for scheduling Pinterest Pins. A short time later they added AI automated image designs and smart scheduling. Just these tools alone shaved off hours of time spent on managing Pinterest accounts for our clients. We personally don’t use the AI generated designs “as is” but with some editing, they work well, particularly for informational type pins.

Over time, Tailwind has added Instagram and Facebook marketing tools (much like those they have for Pinterest) so you can basically create all of your social media content and images as well as schedule everything just from this app.

Recently, Tailwind launched a full email marketing system within the app and announced that a new module called Tailwind CoPilot. CoPilot gives business owners personalized, easy-to-follow marketing plans to help you know what to post, how to grow and what to focus on next. The CoPilot plans will cover social and email, and include prompts to help you create amazing content.

What started as a post to share about the Tailwind AI Pin Description Writer ended up being all about Tailwind itself. Hope you found the overview helpful!


If you’ve been using Tailwind’s browser extension on Chrome, Safari or Firefox, you may have noticed recently a Tailwind Ghostwriter icon on the bottom right of every web page you visit. Just wait until you click on it! 

Tailwind Ghostwriter not only does what was covered in the above article, but now it’s a full content assistant! Tailwind now supports a long list of generative AI text creation including…

  • Any kind of copy or image
  • Email subject lines
  • Instagram captions
  • Facebook posts
  • Pinterest pin titles and descriptions
  • Twitter posts
  • Hashtags
  • LinkedIn posts
  • TikTok video descriptions

And a fast-growing list of other AI writing options you need when working online. Plus, they have said additional applications are in development and will be released soon.

This tool is a major timesaver! Seriously, when you click on this icon (not the TW extension button in your browser, the one on the bottom right of every web page) you will be amazed! 


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