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How to Make the Most of Pinterest Ads

Pinterest became a publicly-traded company in 2019. The news was full of mixed predictions about how it would do, but ironically the next year (2020) was a banner year of growth for Pinterest. People were home more than ever before in history and gravitated to this visually fun platform for do-at-home ideas. 

At the time of Pinterest’s IPO, it had 265 million monthly users. Two years later it had 478 million monthly users. Massive growth and fast. 

Pinterest is also not really “social.” This sometimes causes confusion for bloggers and small business owners who are trying strategies commonly used on Facebook and Instagram – but aren’t seeing the results they keep hearing others are getting. Bottom line is, those strategies don’t translate well to Pinterest.

Pinterest strategies are more of a combination of “art and science.” There’s a strong SEO component, as well as the need for eye-stopping contextual images.

The Infamous Pinterest Lightbulb Moment

For those of you who have spent time using Pinterest for personal enjoyment, and then went on to learn how to use Pinterest from a marketing standpoint, you may have had the infamous Pinterest lightbulb moment.

That moment when you realized Pinterest has the potential to become a very powerful driver of traffic to either your website or blog – or to other people’s websites, blogs, and stores. And that is because Pinterest is a visual search engine where visitors go to search and discover things to do, places to go, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Every Pinterest marketer, manager, or PVA we’ve gotten to know, LOVES all things Pinterest. Some of us are maybe just a little obsessed.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links where we earn a commission if you sign up through them. However this in no way affects our recommendation. We actually all use the products, services, and courses we recommend.

Pinterest Ads / Promoted Pins Platform

Now that Pinterest is being publicly traded, naturally the spotlight is shining on how the company earns its revenue. All of Pinterest’s revenue comes from advertising. Note: Ads were previously called “Pinterest Promoted Pins.”

Pinterest monetizes its users through ads (promoted pins), which are pinned across user’s feeds. Pinterest’s revenue rose 76% YoY to $708 million in 2020.

If you just sat up a little straighter in your chair (or your exercise ball), I’m glad you’re paying close attention. Why? Because Ads or Pinterest Promoted Pins means opportunities! As in work from home (or anywhere) opportunities. We are not talking about working for Pinterest, but rather about the idea of becoming knowledgeable about Pinterest Promoted Pins / Ads and then offering ads management as a paid service to those seeking help with advertising on Pinterest. The demand for this service is exploding now that Pinterest has been a publicly traded company for a few years. But first, you have to gain the knowledge, skills and experience in Pinterest advertising which you can get in the Simple Pin Ads Society.


Our Pinterest Management Story…

When the team of us at Pinning Pro began talking about starting a business offering Pinterest education and marketing guidance, we knew we needed to gain a lot of knowledge and experience. Each of us brings different skills to the table but we wanted a unified team and training that we all believed in, and would implement in our business.

As mentioned in a previous post, collectively we’ve taken dozens of courses, practiced our skills on family and friends accounts, and educated ourselves as much as possible until we were ready to launch While we no longer offer services to clients, the learning continues, because we strive to be on top of all the latest trends, changes and new strategies.

Out of all the courses we took before starting, the most impactful in terms of running a Pinterest management business was Become a Pinterest VA Today. That’s not to say other Pinterest courses out there are not as high quality or informative. There are actually quite a few fantastic and helpful Pinterest courses, but they are designed to help you learn how to market on Pinterest – not start a side hustle or business as a Pinterest VA or manager.

“Become a Pinterest VA Today” teaches you how to take your Pinterest marketing skills and turn them into a side hustle, or part time business. It also teaches how to scale to a full time business, and beyond if you so choose.

But back to Pinterest Promoted Pins / Ads… the reason for sharing that little backstory is because, with Pinterest Promoted Pins / Ads being a hot opportunity, the Become a Pinterest VA Today course we took is completely updated and now includes an entire module on offering Promoted Pins services as a PVA or Pinterest manager.

If you’re already a PVA or Pinterest manager and are interested in the idea of adding Pinterest Promoted Pins services to your offerings, the Simple Pin Ads Society might be of interest to you. The Ads Society is entirely dedicated to teaching Pinterest advertising. 

How to Offer Pinterest Ads Services

If you’re looking to work from home (or from an RV or any other location you choose), you could learn how to offer Pinterest advertising management as a side hustle and grow it as much as you like. The demand for these services is definitely strong.

So, while we love the organic side of Pinterest marketing and management here at Pinning Pro, we know some of you might enjoy the advertising side, and are looking for a fun side hustle where you can make legitimate money doing something enjoyable.

If learning how to set up and run a Pinterest focused virtual assistant business sounds intriguing to you, check out what the Become a Pinterest VA Today course offers.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in becoming a Pinterest Promoted Pins / Ads specialist whether on your own, or as part of your role at your day job, the Simple Pin Ads Society might be the right learning community for you.

More and More People Need Help

Having marketed on Pinterest for several years now, we have seen the growth not only in understanding and using the platform to drive traffic to businesses, blogs and sites, but we’ve also witnessed the increase in demand for Pinterest Promoted Pins services. We joined the Simple Pin Ads Society when it was in Beta as “founding members” of the community.

We strongly believe that this growth in Pinterest Promoted Pins / Ads, and the fact that Pinterest is now a publicly traded company, presents an exciting work from home opportunity. If you love Pinterest and advertising, it’s a side hustle worth looking into!

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