Hiring a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Are you considering hiring a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest VA to take managing Pinterest off your hands only to discover there are so many titles flying around you’re not sure what you need? 

Pinterest manager? Pinterest VA? Expert? Specialist? Pinterest Marketer? Strategist? There are so many titles for Pinterest pros! Which person is right for your business?

Is a Pinterest manager more skilled than a Pinterest VA (or PVA)? Not necessarily. Is a specialist more skilled than a strategist? Not always.

There are PVAs whose level of experience qualifies them to be called any of the other popular titles. On the flip side, not every Pinterest manager (or any with other titles) will have the experience you and your business needs.

Skills and Experience Are What Matters

Let’s forget about the titles and terms for now. Instead, consider the skills and experience needed to grow your business using Pinterest. Start by answering the following questions…

What is your goal for using Pinterest? (i.e, drive traffic, increase option signups, etc)

Are you currently marketing on the platform and if so, are you getting traffic from the platform?

  • Do you need someone to simply do some of the many tasks for you such as pin design, or are you looking for someone to take Pinterest marketing completely off your plate?
  • Do you understand Pinterest and all that goes into marketing products and services on the platform? Or do you find the platform confusing and something you don’t have time for even though you know your business should be on there?
  • Do you have a small, medium, or a large budget to invest in hiring help? Typically Pinterest VAs will be on the lower end of the cost spectrum while hiring a Pinterest manager is often more costly.

Do you understand all the tasks that go into managing a Pinterest account effectively?

These include…

  • Keyword research using Smart & Guided Search and the Trends Tool
  • Boards SEO titling, description-writing, and setup
  • Pin design
  • Pin description SEO keywording and writing
  • Using Tailwind for scheduling pins
  • How to manage group boards and / or Communities
  • Reviewing analytics in Pinterest, Tailwind, and Google
  • Informing strategy and making adjustments based on metrics
  • Staying on top of the ongoing rapid changes on the platform
  • Staying up to date with seasonality and what is trending

Do you think you need someone to just do some of the above tasks while you take care of the rest, or do you want someone to do all the things?

Are you skilled in graphic design and feel confident in creating eye-catching pins (that implement best practices) and will stop people as they scroll their feeds and compel them to click to your site or blog?

How about video creation? Diversifying with video pins and idea pins is now a smart strategy on Pinterest.

Are you aware that Pinterest now wants “fresh pins” which means creating more new or unique pins rather than repinning existing pins?

Do you understand how to implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Pinterest? It’s much different than SEO-ing for Google but just as important for getting pins found for keywords in Search.

Are you looking for someone to help you grow your account or maintain it on a monthly basis? Or both?

Are you looking to simply delegate tasks to someone or work in partnership with someone who specializes specifically in Pinterest marketing (does not also do Instagram, Facebook, etc)?

Whew! So many things to consider. And that’s exactly why you’re looking for help with managing your Pinterest.


Tips For Finding The Right Pinterest Manager or Pinterest VA

To help with finding the right person, three premier programs we went through (and are still active in) have stood out and could help guide you to the right person to help with your Pinterest. 

To find a Pinterest Manager to hire – look for someone who is (and has been for at least 6 months) and who has completed several comprehensive Pinterest marketing and management programs.

To find a Pinterest VA – look for someone who has completed the “Become A Pinterest VA Today” program run by Kristin Larsen and endorsed by Tailwind.

Note: there is a much larger pool of PVAs available than Pinterest managers.

What Questions To Ask A Prospective Pinterest Manager or Pinterest VA

Once you find someone, ask questions like…

How many accounts have you worked on and what type?

Do you have a Pinterest account for your own business?

What are your top 3 skill sets?

Do you have any case studies or testimonials? 

As we said earlier, some PVAs are highly skilled and could conceivably call themselves a manager, specialist, expert, strategist, etc. Others are new to working on accounts and eager to earn income from home while working on a platform they enjoy.

The bottom line, answer the questions above for yourself first so you are better prepared and know what you are looking for. Then ask prospects who are applying the questions that matter to you.


Start With Discovery Session

Do a written, audio, or phone discovery session and use your intuition to make the best decision you can. Try the person you decide on out for 2-3 months, then evaluate. You might find someone who is just starting out and is very enthusiastic, eager to learn, and ambitious. Or you might prefer to hire someone from a Pinterest agency who has experience with running 100s or 1000s of accounts in a wide variety of niches and industries.

We hope you found this helpful as you begin your search to find the right Pinterest Manager to help you manage your account and reach your business goals.


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