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Using Pinterest for Travel Bloggers and Businesses

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Yes, Pinterest is for travel bloggers, too.

More and more people are traveling again. And prior to the global health crisis, international travel had more than doubled in the previous two decades! As technology advances, especially in the transportation and media sectors, the world appears “smaller” and more accessible. It’s exciting to be returning to traveling again.

As once-and-soon-to-be-again avid travelers ourselves, this really excites us, both personally and professionally.

If you’re a travel blogger or business, you’re always seeking out fresh ways to stand out from the industry crowd. It’s been years since Facebook Pages provided good engagement with followers. Instagram, more and more, is limiting reach for brands, unless they opt to “pay to play.” Snapchat is cool, but by its nature, is geared toward connecting with people and brands you already know, not discovering new ones.

You might think that Pinterest isn’t where your people are, but we think we can change your mind about that.

First of all, sometimes statistics are boring, but we get pretty excited about these kinds of numbers:

  1. 450 million people use Pinterest each month, a third of which are Americans. That number goes up every year.
  2. High income and educated households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as other groups.
  3. 85% of female users are on Pinterest to plan “life moments.” Which is awesome because…
  4. according to comScore, almost 50% of US travel pinners are seeking ideas to plan their next trip.

And let’s not forget…people use Pinterest when they’re in a buying mood. 80% of those pinners looking for travel ideas will make a purchase!

Secondly, Pinterest itself sees big value in the travel niche, too, and prior to co vid shared that search terms or keywords like:

  • Less traveled islands
  • Bike tours
  • Zero-waste travel
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Small town travel

were seeing HUGE jumps in search activity over the previous year. No matter what travel niche you target, we’re sure you can find a way to work one of those keywords into your site.


Thirdly, since Pinterest is a visual platform, striking travel imagery and colorful graphics just go together, which is perfect for promoting your brand. Couple great pics with solid, value-driven content to create eye-catching pins that users can either bookmark or save to their boards or click-through straight to your site.

You’ll often see higher and longer engagement from pinners than you will from your Instagram or Facebook followers because Pinterest isn’t only about “now.” Pinners are thinking, dreaming, planning, and searching for the future. The shelf life of a pin? 3.5 months of active engagement.

Clearly, Pinterest and travel make for a great partnership. People are already on the platform, using it to discover new places, new ideas, new products to help them make their travel plans and dreams a reality. And every year, the site is seeing more and more growth, not just in the US, but internationally, too.

Your audience is on Pinterest. You just have to find them.

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