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We’re Pinterest managers and we’re passionate about helping small businesses get more traffic with Pinterest. We’ll show you how to market your business on Pinterest – or hire us to do it for you!



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Since 2018 our team of Pinning Pros has invested more time than we’d like to admit completing numerous Pinterest courses, and then implementing what we’ve learned for the benefit of our blog readers and clients.

The most notable aspect about Pinterest (and often the most misunderstood) is that it is not a social media platform. It’s a search engine. That’s why it is such a powerful tool for driving traffic and leads to businesses and blogs.

Achieving top rankings on Pinterest requires strategies similar to those used for getting on the first page at Google and YouTube: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Strategies for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat do not work on Pinterest.

Our goal is to help you learn the most up-to-date Pinterest marketing best practices, along with the strategies and tactics to make Pinterest work for you.

If you know your business needs to be using Pinterest but you just don’t have time to take on another thing, hire our experienced Pinning Pro team to manage your Pinterest account for you.

We offer a wide variety of Pinterest For Business Services to fit your unique business and budget.


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Your Pinterest profile is key to success and growth! Using current best practices, we can set-up new business accounts or review and clean-up existing ones.

Pinterest rewards consistency.  We’ll customize a marketing strategy for you, from keywords to board descriptions to pin design to scheduling via Tailwind.

Your Pinterest account needs striking images that stand out in your target audience’s feed. Let us create beautiful pins for you that get the click and drive traffic to your business. 

Pinterest is a visual search engine. That means that keywords and hashtags matter just as much as graphic images do.  We find the keywords pinners use for searching. 





Erin is an entrepreneur at heart who is just a little obsessed with Pinterest marketing. From making sure every Pin is well designed, communicates desired messaging and is optimized and tracked, Erin is our go-to Pinterest expert.




Christina and Pinterest are a match made in heaven. As someone who loves WordPress and Pin design, SEO and traffic generating strategies, becoming a Pinning Pro was a natural fit for this enterprising go-getter!




Jen is our web designer extraordinaire. With 15 years of web business experience and a great eye for communicating visually, Jen excels in the design aspects of Pinterest as a Pinning Pro.

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