How to Use Pinterest Ads the Right Way

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You may be hearing a lot of buzz lately about Pinterest’s recent IPO along with rumors that the only way to succeed on Pinterest going forward is by using Promoted Pins (Pinterest’s ad platform). It’s no secret that many bloggers are finding great success using them, but there’s still plenty of room for marketing your business organically on Pinterest. After all, it’s what we do here on Pinning Pro!

That said, there definitely is a place for using Promoted Pins in your business – provided you have a budget for them. We stay on top of all things Pinterest, including best practices for using ads, so we can better direct our clients (who are interested in using them) to the very best information out there.

It’s easy to assume that businesses using Promoted Pins have big budgets and are putting a lot of money into them. But we are finding that’s not really the case. This should be good news for you if you are considering them.

The reality is, Promoted Pins are actually low-cost ads that keep on working for you even after you’ve stopped an ad campaign. This is unheard of on other platforms where when an ad campaign stops, it’s over-over.

Additionally, Pinterest recently reported that part of its growth strategy is international expansion and that a whopping 71% of Pinterest’s users come from outside the USA. If you are looking for a low cost way to reach an international user base, you may want to consider trying out Promoted Pins.

After a lot of digging, asking questions on private Facebook groups, and reading dozens of blogs, we’ve discovered a course by Monica Froese of RedefiningMom that’s all about Promoted Pins. Now, don’t assume that Redefining Mom is “just another mom blog.” Her blog originally started as a resource for teaching busy moms how to start profitable online businesses. Like most businesses online however, her blog has moved in new directions along the way. Monica has clearly found her passion with Pinterest – and more specifically with teaching online entrepreneurs about Promoted Pins. And she rocks it!

Monica’s most sought after course, Pin Practical Promotions, only opens a couple of times per year. It’s not cheap but it is super comprehensive and it’s the program we use to build a foundation in Pinterest advertising. In the course, she teaches why Promoted Pins are an incredible opportunity for bloggers and small business owners. For example, they…

  • Can kickstart a pin’s popularity
  • Help build your email list
  • Increase page views
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Increase sales
  • And are an effective way to promote affiliate products and services

One thing we love about the course is that Monica teaches how to take data from Promoted Pin campaigns and use it to inform your organic Pinterest strategy! Since we currently only offer organic Pinterest marketing services at PinningPro, this lesson was super helpful for us. Some of the ways you can do this include…

  • Accessing top-performing keyword data and developing organic strategies from it
  • Tracking the exact amount of email subscribers and sales which informs what works

But back to Promoted Pins for advertising purposes. If you’re looking to use them for your business or have a client or employer who wants them implemented, you’ll benefit greatly from Pin Practical Promotions. Even better if you can get your client or employer to buy the course for you. 😉

Here are some highlights of what you can expect to learn…

  • How to set up your Promoted Pin campaigns strategically
  • How to craft your campaigns so you don’t waste money
  • Detailed examples of how to set up successful Promoted Pin funnels
  • How to target the right people for your campaign, based on your objectives
  • How to optimize your website for conversions, including advanced training on installing the right codes in the right places
  • A detailed breakdown of how to read analytics reports and use them to your advantage

Other things Monica’s course covers include…

How the Pinterest algorithm works with Promoted Pins

Hint: Pinterest puts your ad out based on the bid. If your pin gets a good amount of click-throughs, it will be favored for distribution (i.e. in related searches, related pins, smart feed, etc).

How long you should set a campaign for in order to expect results

Hint: 7-14 days

How many keywords should you be using?

Hint: sorry we can’t give everything away! But you might be surprised at just how many though!

After doing our research, we found that there aren’t very many resources available that teach how to run successful promoted pins. There’s Pinterest’s own Promoted Pins tutorials but honestly, we find them rather technical. If you prefer that style of learning, here’s where to find Pinterest’s own tutorials. The Pin Practical Promotion course, on the other hand, it is very personable and hands on.

Wondering which platforms are covered in the Pin Practical Promotion course?

Information is provided on how to install your Pinterest Tag and event codes for…

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • LeadPages
  • ClickFunnels
  • Teachable
  • Thinkific
  • SendOwl
  • Shopify

Pin Practical Promotions opens in early June. Sign up for the waitlist (no commitment) to be informed about when it will open again. In the meantime, check out Monica’s free Pin Practical Ads Mini Course, which is a live 3-day training where you’ll learn how to…

  • Find the right keywords to target for your first promoted pin campaign
  • Leverage exact, phrase, and broad match keywords to get the best ad results
  • Create click-worthy Pinterest images that convert
  • Map out a reliable strategy with proven promoted pin ad funnels
  • Target the right audience for your promoted pin campaign

We hope you have found this article helpful and if you find that Monica’s courses are right for you, even better!

If, on the other hand, you are interested in doing more organic Pinterest marketing or need help with your (non-ad) Pinterest marketing please reach out to us at (form at bottom) and we’d be happy to help out!


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