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Pinterest managers are always working on something, whether they’re meeting with clients, developing marketing strategies, designing pins or doing other business-related tasks. This gift guide includes 10 brilliant gift ideas that Pinterest managers will absolutely love and use. You can even download the gift guide as a PDF to refer to on the go!

Having an extra-long phone charger is super convenient. The extra lengthy cords make it possible to be further away from an outlet while charging and using a mobile phone. Think about how often you go to charge your phone but an outlet is not where you want to be. You just might want one of these for yourself too!

Dry-erase boards are perfect for Pinterest managers to use in their home office. They’re useful for visually mapping out client work, creating strategies, writing notes, image ideas and other creative and visual information.

Keeping laptops, mobile devices, chargers and other business tools safe from hackers and thieves is a top priority for all entrepreneurs. This backpack has many anti-theft design features to ensure everything inside stays safe and secure.

There’s nothing worse than taking a giant sip of cold coffee or tea when trying to get that caffeine fix during the workday. This coffee mug warmer keeps beverages hot and ready to go the entire day.

Essential oils are great for misting into the air to create a comforting aroma that helps with motivation and productivity – or relaxing after a long day of online work. Essential oils are more natural than candles, and they last longer too.

The brilliant HD display on this tablet will make it super easy to spot any edits that are needed for visual work like Pinterest managers do when designing pins. Not to mention all the other things this tablet can help with like answering emails, interacting with clients, and searching Pinterest for keywords and awesome images.

Laptops tend to overheat when they’re in constant use, and let’s be honest, Pinterest managers are always on their computers! A laptop cooling pad is an easy fix. The built-in fans cool a computer’s bottom surface while helps it last longer. A laptop cooler also a necessity in very warm climates like the desert.

Canceling out all of the sounds around you with your choice of music is the perfect way to stay focused and be more productive when working at home or on the go. Since Pinterest managers tend to work at home (or just about anywhere), these noise-canceling headphones are a practical gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

Your favorite Pinterest manager will love this sleek and sturdy phone and tablet stand. It’s perfect for multitasking, allowing hands-free phone use. It displays a device at the perfect angle for looking at pins on mobile devices while typing on a laptop simultaneously. This particular phone stand also has room for a phone charger, making it as easy to keep track of.

Sitting in a normal chair all day can be really hard on the lower back. A balance ball chair provides flexible, safe and comfortable seating and also helps increase productivity and focus. Your favorite Pinterest manager can even work her abs while sitting on a ball chair!

And there you have it! 10 brilliant gift ideas that Pinterest managers will absolutely love and use! All of these gift ideas are actually perfect for just about any entrepreneur on your gift list.

Think about family and friends who work from home or as they travel. A thoughtful gift that shows them you appreciate their entrepreneurial spirit will go a long way on that special occasion.


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