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If you’ve been searching for the best Pinterest courses and tools to help you grow your business your head might be spinning with all the options. You mave have heard of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, Simple Pin Collective, Pinterest VA and many more.

How do you know which Pinterest courses and tools you need for the exact step you’re on in your business – without reading long sales pages, testimonials and bonus info?

We’ve been working with Pinterest clients for years now and have taken or joined numerous courses and memberships to help us grow our Pinterest marketing business. We put together this resource to make it quicker and easier for our readers to find the right Pinterest courses and tools for your business.

Each section includes a brief description, what is included, the author, and who the course or tool is for (or not for), and why. We hope you’ll find it helpful!

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links where we earn a commission if you sign up through them. However this in no way affects our recommendation. We actually all use the products, services, and courses we recommend.


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For Bloggers and Small Business Owners Who Are Relatively New to Using Pinterest for Driving Traffic and Marketing Their Business

Get Started On Pinterest

Visit Get Started On Pinterest

Get Started on Pinterest is a 4-part training series that helps you build a solid Pinterest foundation.


Kate Ahl, founder and owner of Simple Pin Media, a top Pinterest Marketing and Management agency.

Get Started on Pinterest is free and covers:

Setting up and optimizing your business account
Crafting a clear and concise profile
Setting up boards so they get found in search
Creating pins that get click throughs

This course is a good fit if…

You are new to Pinterest marketing. You’re looking for foundational steps to get started on the platform and set your business up for success.

This course is not a good fit if…

You already have an optimized Pinterest profile, have a branded pin strategy in place and have learned how to leverage your time on the platform by scheduling and batching work.

Pinterest Rank Boost 2.0

Visit Pinterest Rank Boost 2.0

This course teaches you how to build search-based traffic from Pinterest based on two strategies:

1) targeting high-volume keywords

2) ranking #1 using high-ranking colors

Creating pins that get ranked by the Pinterest algorithm is the best way to get traffic.


Amy LeBlanc, Pinterest marketing manager at Levee Road Studios. Amy excels in researching and digging into Pinterest HTML and CSS code. She also spends a lot of time reading (and understanding!) the Pinterest Engineering blog to learn the technical parts of how Pinterest ranks pins. Then she translates that information into language the rest of us can understand.

Pinterest Rank Boost includes 4 modules with 13 lessons plus a video tutorial of the Pin Inspector Keyword Research App

The course covers:

  • Keyword research and Pinterest SEO
  • How to choose the right, high-volume keywords for your niche using a little known strategy
  • Where to put your keywords for maximum impact
  • How to find Ranking Colors and use them to rank better
  • How to create a color palette for your pin designs
  • Optimize your blog or website for Pinterest

This course is a good fit if…

You’re ready to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level with new and little known techniques like color ranking, targeting high volume keywords and using Pin Inspector.

This course is not a good fit if…

You are totally new to marketing on Pinterest. This course builds upon having a pretty solid understanding of Pinterest marketing techniques and strategies.

For Experienced Bloggers and Small Business Owners Who Want to Increase Traffic to Their Website or Blog Using Pinterest

pinterest traffic avalanche

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Visit Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

The name of this course might sound a little “hypey” but it’s actually one of the best, most comprehensive, frequently updated (important!) courses out there.


Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus, Co-Founders, Create and Go, a collection of courses to help beginning bloggers become successful.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche covers:

  • Setting up your Pinterest profile properly
  • Building a Pinterest SEO strategy
  • Automating blog traffic with pin scheduling
  • Designing your own customized pins
  • Tracking progress and analytics
  • Using Pinterest to grow your email list

This course is a good fit if…

You have a website or blog and plan to use Pinterest to drive traffic to it. Just to be clear, building traffic on Pinterest does not happen overnight. But once you master the strategies in the course and start building momentum, traffic can really snowball.

This course is not a good fit if…

You don’t have an established website or blog yet and / or you don’t have at least a high level understanding of Pinterest and how to use it to market your business. You don’t have time to implement strategies taught in a comprehensive Pinterest course.

Note: Alex and Lauren have created several other courses to help bloggers and small business owners. You can check those out here.

tailwind app best pinterest scheduler

Tailwind App

Visit Tailwind

The Tailwind app saves you time by creating pins quickly, scheduling pins directly to Pinterest, pinning at the best times for engagement, and getting actionable analytics (in addition to those you get from Pinterest).

Tailwind includes:

  • Tailwind Create (pin graphic design tool)
  • Smart calendar (knows optimal times to pin for your audience)
  • Content discovery via recommendations
  • Multi-board pinning
  • Bulk uploading
  • Communities
  • Drafts area to work in
  • Drag & Drop calendar
  • Browser extension for easy scheduling from any blog or website
  • Mobile scheduling
  • Analytics (above and beyond the analytics that Pinterest provides)

Tailwind is a Pinterest approved partner. If you do choose a scheduling platform, be absolutely sure that it’s Pinterest approved!

This app is a good fit if…

You are a blogger or small business owner and you’re ready to leverage your Pinterest marketing efforts. If you outsource, your Pinterest Manager or VA can further leverage time by managing Tailwind for you.

This app is not a good fit if…

You pin manually and are satisfied with your results.

tailwind app best pinterest scheduler

Scheduling Shortcuts [Hacks for the New Pinterest Algorithm]

Visit Scheduling Shortcuts

 This course teaches The Pinning Smarter method – a new pinning technique that gets results even with the lower impressions we’re currently seeing on pins. This method is based on what the Pinterest algorithm wants (informed by Pinterest’s HTML code, taxonomy and nodes) and teaches you how to achieve great results without having to create a crazy amount of pins every day.


Amy LeBlanc, Pinterest marketing manager at Levee Road Studios. Amy excels in researching and digging into Pinterest HTML and CSS code. She also spends a lot of time reading (and understanding!) the Pinterest Engineering blog to learn the technical parts of how Pinterest ranks pins. Then she translates that information into language the rest of us can understand.

Scheduling Shortcuts includes:

  • Account optimization
  • Algorithm updates
  • Scheduling workflow
  • Pinning without Tailwind
  • Waterfall pinning method
  • Saving 3rd party pins
  • Interest targeting
  • Keyword Research with Pin Inspector

Modules included in the course:

  • How to use the weekly summary
  • How to use Tailwind Communities
  • How to use Content Discover
  • How to use Tailwind’s Smartloop
  • How to use the Publishing and Scheduling tools
  • How to use Tailwind Analytics

This course is a good fit if…

This course is a good fit if you are looking to take your Pinterst results to the next level. We strongly recommend it for Pinterest Managers / Pinterest Virtual Assistants.

This course is not a good fit (yet) if…

You’re still learning the fundamentals of Pinterest like creating high-quality pins, proper keywording, setting up boards, etc.

* Amy updates this course very frequently as she is a Pinterest manager who has to stay on top of all the changes in order to manage her clients account well.

pinterest dashboard review

Pinterest Dashboard

Visit Pinterest Dashboard

Efficient dashboard that pulls all your Pinterest metrics into one easy to read and understandable place within Google Analytics.


Kristi Hill of, a blog learning platform for new bloggers and online business owners

Pinterest Dashboard makes it easy to:

  • Analyze Pinterest clicks
  • See what pins are performing their best
  • Review which posts people seem most interested in
  • Determine what type of content your Pinterest audience likes best

You can also see how promoted pins are doing (if you are using them).

This dashboard is a good fit for…

Bloggers, small business owners, PVAs, Pinterest managers and anyone else who wants to be able to quickly read and understand how strategies you’re implementing are performing on Pinterest.

This dashboard is not a good fit for…

Those looking for in-depth Pinterest metrics within Google Analytics.

pinterest dashboard review

Pinterest Analytics Masters Class

Visit Pinterest Analytics Master Class

The Pinterest Analytics Masters Class is for those who need some help understanding and optimizing their traffic from Pinterest. In other words, the course makes it easier to understand Pinterest traffic so you can leverage it.


Kristi Hill of, a popular blog that teaches new bloggers and online business owners how to grow their blog.

This course covers:

  • The basics for setting filters and goals
  • What pins are sending you traffic
  • Which of your posts are doing the best on Pinterest
  • What you should do with the traffic you’re getting
  • How to track and monitor pins, pageviews, and growth

This course is a good fit if…

You need help understanding and optimizing your traffic from Pinterest.

This course is not a good fit if…

You need help with your overall Pinterest Marketing. Please see other courses listed on this page for other kinds of Pinterest help.

For People Who Want to Start Their Own

Business Working from Home

tailwind app best pinterest scheduler

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Visit Become a Pinterest VA

This program is literally like getting a business in a box. You’ll have access to tools, resources, steps, workbooks, tech, community and client leads. The program takes you by the hand while you go from startup as a PVA to earning a minimum of $1000 month.


Kristin Larsen, owner of multiple successful online businesses including Believe in a Budget. left the corporate world and started some side hustles. Within about a year she became an accomplished Pinterest expert. From there she developed the Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant program to help others make money from home as a PVA.

The program includes:

  • 4 comprehensive business building modules
  • Pinterest, Tailwind and Canva tech training
  • Pinterest ads training
  • Self-paced lessons and material that’s available 24/7
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • Complimentary updates over time

This program is a good fit if…

You’re serious about starting a side hustle or business as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant or Pinterest Manager. It’s a comprehensive program with homework, accountability and peer check-ins.

This program is not a good fit if…

You are already a successful Pinterest Virtual Assistant or Pinterest Manager. Or you are just pondering the idea but aren’t quite ready to get started. This program is an investment in getting a real business or side hustle off the ground and earning.

Check out our handy Pinterest Resources List to discover apps, learning communities, memberships and pin templates.

Whether you’re a blogger or small business owner, new to Pinterest or a seasoned expert, we hope you’ll find this resource for the best courses and tools helpful! Be sure to pin it to refer back to.


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