12 Reasons To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Have you ever considered becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant or Pinterest Manager?

Maybe you didn’t even know that was a thing! Our team at Pinning Pro offered a variety of virtual assistant services to clients for years and it wasn’t until one of us stumbled across Become a Pinterest VA Today that we realized we could provide a better service by specializing in one platform: Pinterest!

And we haven’t looked back!

You’ve most likely heard of social media managers.  Maybe you already are one. Well, these days each social platform requires a different set of skills and it’s tough to keep up with all of them. Because of this, many social media managers have started to specialize, usually choosing the platform they enjoy working on the most.

Whether you have experience or not, starting a side hustle as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (PVA) is fun, rewarding and lucrative. Scan through the following list and if several of them resonate with you, you may want to consider becoming a PVA!

Do you…

  1. love Pinterest?
  2. have an interest in marketing?
  3. need extra income or need to start replacing lost income?
  4. want to start a fun, rewarding side hustle with growth potential?
  5. enjoy designing imagery or want to learn?
  6. like to research a variety of topics?
  7. enjoy helping others?
  8. want to work from home (or anywhere)?
  9. like to be organized?
  10. manage your time pretty well?
  11. consider yourself to be ambitious and motivated?
  12. think you’d enjoy being part of a community of entrepreneurial minded creators?

Excited? You should be, because you may have just found the perfect side hustle!

Pinterest virtual assistant services are in HUGE demand right now.

Why? Because small business owners, bloggers and brands are recognizing the incredible traffic-generating power of Pinterest.

You see, up until recently, Pinterest has mostly been considered “social media.” Ironically, it’s not really social! In fact, it’s more of a search engine than anything else. Actually, it’s more like a mini visual Google.

Think about how you use Pinterest. You might enter a word or two in the search bar. Or perhaps you scroll for a while before doing specific searches. However you prefer to use the platform, the point is, people primarily do searches on Pinterest much like they do on Google and wait for the results their search brings back.

 This is much different behavior than you find on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

All that to say, Pinterest is finally being recognized for what it really is, and how the power of visual search drives traffic for businesses. And what business owner or blogger person doesn’t want tons of traffic?!

So how do you become a Pinterest VA? It’s not hard, but it does require a decent amount of self-education. There are tons of resources available for learning – some free, others paid. Some high quality, others… well, maybe not as high. 

Fortunately, there is a course geared specifically toward learning how to become a Pinterest VA. All other Pinterest courses (which we’ve taken) teach different aspects of using the platform to market a business, but not how to become a Pinterest VA and turn what you learn into a side hustle or full-time business.

What You Learn with Become a Pinterest VA Today

The Become a Pinterest VA Today course teaches important aspects specifically geared toward a virtual assistant or anyone, really who wants to focus on Pinterest only and offer services to prospective clients. For example…

  • what to charge for your services
  • why PVAs can start earning income pretty quickly
  • where to find clients
  • how to pitch your services to prospects
  • how to onboard new clients
  • ways to scale your business
  • and tons more!

Other courses and memberships are geared toward teaching how to market a business on Pinterest, not offer services to help others market their business on the platform. So topics like the following might be covered, depending on which course you are looking at…

  • setting up business account
  • verifying your website or blog
  • when to use rich pins
  • setting up boards
  • best practices for pin design
  • SEO and strategy
  • and so on

All of us at Pinning Pro have completed Become A Pinterest VA Today and can honestly say, it’s the best course out there that walks you through EXACTLY how to start a Pinterest Virtual Assistant business.

The course is only available a few times a year but when it’s closed, you can sign up for a free one hour introductory workshop. The workshop walks through

  • What makes someone a great candidate for becoming a PVA
  • Why Pinterest VA help is in high demand
  • Types of services to offer 
  • How to get clients
  • What to charge
  • How to invoice clients
  • The PVA community and networking

The workshop also comes with a complimentary workbook where you can take notes as you watch, to help you decide if becoming a Pinterest Virtual might be a good fit for you.

We wish you good luck with your goals!


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Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links where we earn a commission if you sign up through them. However this in no way affects our recommendation. We actually all use the products, services, and courses we recommend.


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